About Coventry

The City of Coventry is located in central England – about 90 miles from London and about 20 miles from Birmingham.

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History of Coventry:

In 1086 Coventry was a small village with a handful of inhabitants – but by 1400 Coventry had become one of the main centres of trade and population in England. In 1377 it was the fourth largest town outside London.
Lady Godiva is probably the name most associated with Coventry. She rode naked – it is said – through Coventry to protest at the high taxes .
The first British motor car was made in Coventry – by Daimler in 1896. Coventry became a major centre in the UK for car production – Humber , Rover, Maudsley being some of the first companies. Triumph motor cycles were also first made in Coventry.

During World War 2 – Coventry developed an aircraft industry – with many of the motor car firms switching to aircraft manufacture. Ths was probably why it was so heavily bombed by the Germans in 1940. Much of the city was destroyed in these air raids – and almost the whole city centre had to be rebuilt.

The car industry flourished after the war agan – with Jaguar and Chrylser being the main firms. The car industry is not so important today as it used to be – Jaguar  still have bases in the City.

Coventry Today

Coventry is best known for its spectacular Cathedral – built to replace the old one destroyed in the War. Visitors come from all over the world to see this marvellous building.

The Ricoh Arena – opened in 2005 is a\popular attraction for Coventry. It is the home of  Wasps Rugby and Coventry City Football Club – and stages a few concerts every year and was used for the Olympics in 2012

Coventry is also home to two universities – although one is called Warwick University – it is actually in Coventry! The campus at Warwick University is home to the biggest arts centre outside London – and it’s open to everyone all year round.